A Game Changer in Haulage……

The Simmons SE30XL Hauler was designed with one thing in mind….to provide the best cost per ton value of any haulage vehicle in its class.  From the uniquely optimized drivetrain to the patented vertical articulation system, the SE30XL offers game-changing productivity and cost-cutting improvements versus existing batch haulage options.  Also an industry first, our hauler provides unique synergies with the Simmons scoop fleet, from potential battery interchangeability to key component compatibility, the SE30XL hauler is easier and more cost-effective to maintain.  Simply put…we are changing the game by increasing production while lowering costs.

  • Optimized trailer design offering excellent capacity in low seams
  • Simpler drivetrain and vertical articulation system resulting in significant improvements in initial cost and reduce maintenance costs
  • Simplified battery system designs offering tremendous savings in initial purchase and retraying costs.
  • Cost has consistently ranked as the # 1 reason customers have chosen shuttle cars over battery haulers….the SE30XL hauler eliminates that advantage
  • Numerous component synergies with Simmons scoop fleet resulting in lower management costs, less parts warehoused, and increased operational efficiency
  • Zero cable allows for complete freedom of movement, less downtime (for costly cable repairs), and greater operational flexibility
  • 3 to 4 units per section untethered by cable, you can schedule belt and power moves on your schedule
Hauler vs. Shuttle Car