At Simmons Equipment Company, we know battery haulage.  Having pioneered much of the battery haulage machinery that’s still used today, we continue to innovate.  We are excited to offer the latest in low-seam battery haulage.  Advantages include:

Take Less Rock – We now offer the lowest battery hauler on the market.  By reducing the overall operating height, operators can now take less top, improving recovery while increasing the bottom line.

Haul More Coal – We offer class leading haulage capacity without compromising overall machine height.  With class leading capacity and the ability to implement 3 to 4 units per section, mines will increase productivity while decreasing their cost per ton.

Flexibility – Mines can enjoy the flexibility of battery haulage at seam heights that were impossible before.  By eliminating the cumbersome cable that limits a shuttle car section, operators can extend belt moves and expand overall mine planning flexibility.

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